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I'm Milan Kacurak, a Kentico and front-end developer based in Brno, CZ. I'm Ketico Certified Developer and Kentico Gold Partner. I've been working at Kentico Software for 5 years. Now I help clients who own Kentico websites from all around the world.
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Milan Kacurak

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External developer at Cohort Global

The Cohort Global company (UK) was building a new product website. Even though the company had experienced developers they needed someone who can do Kentico as well as front-end. So I was an obvious choice. I co-operated with the team and after 2 months of development we have launched the new website.
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Jon Ostler, MD at Cohort

Jon Ostler, MD at Cohort

Milan is a highly proficient and focused front end developer who I would not hesitate to recommend. Milan was a key contributor to a new Kentico site build and was easy to work with, delivering an exceptional standard of advice and coding. Apart from being a great developer Milan is also great guy personally and was kind enough to give we a guided tour of his home town of Brno.

The Crazy Free website for Cohort

Landing page for Kentico Software

Before Kentico Software (CZ) has released Kentico 9 I've been asked to create a landing page that promotes the new version of Kentico. They provided me design documents and access to their development environment. Within the agreed time I have created the landing page.
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Lukas Martinak, Kentico Software

Lukas Martinak, Customer Success Director at Kentico Software

Milan has always been honest, helpful, and professional. We can really count on him to deliver what he promises. He is a passionate front-end developer who knows what he's doing and, moreover, he is able to teach others as well, which he constantly proves by delivering the Developer Training for Students while receiving great feedback.

Kentico 9 landing page

Trips calendar for Web Symphonies

The Web Symphonies company (USA) manages their client's website that is built in Kentico. However, they don't have enough knowledge to make significant changes. They needed to turn a clumsy trips calendar into a responsive filterable calendar with 3 differrent views on data. At the beginning the vision wasn't crystal clear. So we communicatedon a daily basis and added new features step by step. At the end the client was super happy with the result.
See the calendar in action ›

Isaac Moan, Owner at Web Symphonies

Isaac Moan, Owner at Web Symphonies

After working with Milan, I can say without a doubt, he's a Kentico coding rock-star! He is fast, responsive, intelligent, flexible, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for custom ASP.Net programming (especially in Kentico), this is the guy to hire. I've been a website developer for over 10 years, and can sincerely say, he is one of the best specialists I've ever hired.

Trips calendar

Performance optimization for Forpsi

When Forpsi (CZ, PL, HU, SK) was buiding its company websites developers didn't pay much attention to performace. After a year in production Forpsi asked me to find out whether their websites speed could be improved. I did a performance audit, created a checklist what needs to be optimized and significantly reduced loading time by reducing overall website weight and number of requests.
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Fabio Xodo, Product Owner at Internet CZ

Fabio Xodo, Product Owner at Internet CZ

Milan is a highly proficient consultant, able to provide competence about all aspect of his job. He is responsible, precise, fast and friendly; working with him has been so far always pleasant and, of course, successful.

Forpsi website

Updating website for Listenmore

The Listenmore Digital Marketing company (UK) manages their client's website. The website is based on Kentico and their responsibility is to update and manage content. However, the Listenmore company doesn't have internal knowledge of Kentico so that they asked me for help. On a regular basis I update and manage all the content and design changes on the website.

Kentico upgrade for Aruba

Aruba's (IT) websites were built on Kentico 7 and Kentico 8. When the company recieved licences for Kentico 9 I was asked to upgrade them to the lastest version. They provided me with backups of their websites and I have upgraded them to Kentico 9 with the lastest hotfix.

Andrea Mancini, Head of UX/UI Design at Aruba S.p.A.

Andrea Mancini, Head of UX/UI Design at Aruba S.p.A.

I worked with Milan in a multidisciplinary team on creating international projects. Milan is an excellent collaborator and team member. He shows great attention to detail and is an expert in front-end development. He is also great with Kentico CMS.