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Do you have a website based on the Kentico CMS that you need to update content but you don't know how?

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My name is Milan Kačurák and I work freelance in Brno, Czech Republic where the headquarters of Kentico Software is situated. I am a front-end developer and I specialize in creating websites on the Kentico system. I am a Kentico Certified Developer. Previously, I worked in Kentico Software as a Technical Leader for front-end development and participated in other roles such as technical support for customers of Kentico Software; I have also written articles for the developer community. I now offer my services and experience on my own accord in the field of ​​creating digital projects for Kentico partner firms and their clients.

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And what they say

Milan has always been honest, helpful, and professional. We can really count on him to deliver what he promises. He is a passionate front-end developer who knows what he’s doing and, moreover, he is able to teach others as well, which he constantly proves by delivering the Developer Training for Students while receiving great feedback.
Lukas Martinak Lukas Martinak,
Customer Success Director at Kentico Software
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Milan, his display of dedication and finesse in execution is above and beyond expectations, everything was delivered with speed and precision and anything we had not previously spec'd out but still required was delivered with the same level of quality and without hesitation. I would happily and eagerly recommend Milan to anyone and we will continue to use his services in the future.
Jonn Bloomer Jonn Bloomer,
Senior UX Designer at Cohort Global

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Latest article on my blog posted on 4/26/2016

Website optimization basics that are commonly ignored

by Milan Kacurak

From time to time people ask me to do a review of their website and give them some recommendation on how to improve performance or maintainability. A very common trend I see is that neither clients nor developers don’t really care of how fast the website will be or if the code will be maintainable from a long-term perspective during the website development process.

Website optimization basics that are commonly ignored

Clients notice those issues after a while. By this post I would like to give you a list of actions that may be taken to improve your website.

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